Team up, online, with songwriters from other parts of the world! Get a chance to pitch on an artist and get your songwriting career going! Attending a songwriting camp is an opportunity to make new friends/colleagues and have lots of songwriting fun!

You don’t have to be signed to a publishing house to join the Black Belt Songwriting Camp. As long as you have recording gear and the will to write, arrange, perform musical ideas and collaborate, you are good to go.

Since you are buying a ticket, Iphigenia Publishing does not claim any rights to songs produced at the camp. The involved creators keep 100%

Get International From Your Place!
Black Belt Camp: No traveling and CO2 emissions, no expensive accommodation – just the full content, international collaboration and the opportunity to pitch, at a fraction of the cost.

Get inspired, meet new people, and get your songwriting career going!

Autumn of 2021:

October 23 – Camp featuring Estonian star Laura Põldvere, one of the most popular artists in Estonia and well known across Europe due to having appeared twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides being a frequent contender in the Estonian national competitions of this event (and in Finland, where she is now living) she has also released 10 albums and 24 singles containing music which is among the most aired in Estonia today.

November 20 – Camp featuring Swedish rock group Smash Into Pieces. The band’s top hits are nearing 20 000 000 streams on Spotify right now, and they are likely to reach a whole new level at any time. They have been at it since 2008 and have reach a state of experience, stability and really good backing from their label and associated professionals. Their eye-catching and visually appealing videos with millions of viewers is another success story.

On the camp, you’ll get the chance to pitch on the featured artist. You’ll meet songwriters (online) from various countries, and team up with a few at a time to write a song. Team work is always a question of chemistry, so you’ll be given the chance to work in two different constellations. These are put together on basis of the information you supply us with by filling in a form. Our goal is to always set up teams consisting of people with complementary skills. We will put you in good company!

Host: Tim Johnson is a Stocholm based songwriter, producer and musician with a passion for finding new music.
Host and music producer Oscar Nordström
Host: Oscar Nordström, contemporary music producer with an ancient studio dating partly from the 12th century (part of the Sthlm city wall)



What Happened?

From Camp to China!

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Going Glocal!

Going Glocal (global-local) is the theme for the Black Belt Stockholm Songwriting Camp held 2019, October 11 – 13. As usual with a Black Belt Songwriting Camp, people join remotely from all over the world, Read more…

Going Global!

Are you good at flags? We note with great pride that the Black Belt Songwriting Camp Online already has become a truly global phenomena, helping songwriters to get connected and inspired – over borders, political/religious Read more…

Auddly at Camp

We care about copyright We, the arranger of the Black Belt Camps, are a publishing firm – we take copyright very seriously. Songwriters too, are dependent on immaterial right being respected in society, and among Read more…


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