Export Music Sweden

We are very proud to be supported by Export Music Sweden. They work at an industry level to help export Swedish music to the world. They support songwriters, musicians, recording artists and companies within the music industry to go global.


Auddly is yet another Swedish music tech innovation that will improve your life as a songwriter. At Camp (picture below): CEO Niklas Molinder talks about why we have to treat each other fairly and have a tool for sharing copyright. Sign up for a free account and give your next collaboration a good start. Auddly.com

Auddly CEO Niklas Molinder at Black Belt Songwriting Camp (Live@Heart)


Read more about Soundtrap in the “How It Works” section. Visit their songwriting blog for some interesting songwriting tips and tricks. We (Black Belt Songwriting) contribute on a regular basis.


You might want to start your new project using a groovy sample from an already existing song? If so, you’ll find Tracklib to be an invaluable tool. In the old days, browsing tracks and clearing the rights to use the sample was most often a time consuming and costly process. Tracklib makes it easy and affordable.

On our camp, Tracklib will sponsor you with one free sample.

XLN Audio

XLN Audio is the Swedish company behind plugins such as Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys, RC-20 Retro Colour and the revolutionary sample browser XO. Whether you’re Max Martin crafting the next #1 smash hit, or a young up-and-coming producer with nothing more than a laptop and big dreams, they offer some of the fastest and most intuitive instruments in the world. Find your inspiration together with XLN Audio and make something extraordinary.

Participants on the Black Belt Camp get to use the Beat Making software.


Scorecloud has been described as a “google translate for sheet music”, a shortcut from idea to notes. If you are arranging for strings, a brass section or want to produce a lead sheet, Scorecloud makes your work swift and easy. You’re particularly grateful to have Scorecloud at hand in situations where time is an issue – like for instance in a songwriting project with a tight deadline.


Live@Heart is Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festival. It is held in our home town Örebro, and of course, we participate with a songwriting camp. At Live@Heart we conclude the camp with a live performance of the songs written.